Amazing Reis 2014 goes to Stellies

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Last week  Amazing Reis 2014 was introduced at Stellenbosch High, during their weekly GOSH gathering. The initiative to talk about the new release came from former Stellies  who inspired the idea of RealDeal series . Led by a few of the RealDeal team members, the emphasis was on the importance of growing in a committed relationship with God. Testimonies highlighting the change that The Bible brings in people’s lives were shared.  These also served as examples of testimonies used in the book to illustrate the Word’s significance when it comes to crucial life topics and questions.

Former students Pierre, Simóne and Inge shared how the book transformed their lives to become stable believers and to live in the freedom of God love and grace. Pierre said: “To decide whether you want the book or not, is not an option!” He feels it is absolutely essential to become close with God before the world draws you closer into a life away from the freedom of His love.

Copies can be purchased from Miss Celeste Coetzee and are on sale until stock lasts.

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