Real role model: Fezisa Ndzululeka

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Unique. Creative. Go-getter. With these three words the spontaneous 23 year-old describes herself. 

Though her roots lie in the Eastern Cape, this aspiring writer and (role) model became (in her own words) “the typical  Khayelitsha kid” from pre-teen age.

Sticking around in the province for further studies in Stellenbosch and Tygerberg, she has also assisted RealDeal for the past six weeks, mainly in social media development.

One of her many talents is the writing of spoken pieces such as “Who am I?”, which makes youth reflect on being human as a Christian.

“I can’t really say I am an artist,” she laughs. “All I can say is that I write…One day I feel I have reached my full potential then I think I can call myself an artist, or maybe a writer.”

On becoming a Christian, she relates the story of her religious past, which kept her from commitment: “My relationship changed from ‘give the people what they want’… to be near God. From a God who is so far, and out of reach to… a father, a lover, a friend, a provider, a healer.”

Her life vision is based on the role model she is aiming to become for her peers by understanding the issues they face and showing them life can be more than the circumstances they might find themselves in.

“My aim in life is…to show people life; to show life beyond…to show that there is more to life; to show that they can be anything. Things don’t have to be the way they are.”

She believes it is Christians who need to make a mind switch when it comes to living a Christian lifestyle, rather than waiting for the world to follow suit.

“From someone who always said, ‘Christians are very serious people’, I’m the person who says: ‘Being Christian is fun!’”

“Do what you want to do, how you want to do it, where you want to do it, for as long as you want to do it. Because at some point they are going to realise it is pointless,” she states, referring to those who stick to their ‘old ways’.

Fezisa feels Christians, especially in her area, should be encouraged to be more radical.

“For them, it is all about ‘I want to have what you have’. So if we can make them want to have what we have…the whole of Khayelistsha will be saved.”

According to Fezisa, her  role at RealDeal confronted her with reflection. She emphasizes the importance for youth to share their testimonies at a young age, rather than wait until they’re older.

“Daily I reflect on that… for my inspirational quotes. I needed to go to the One that inspires me and I had to deeper into things in my life with in terms of what inspires me. But I wasn’t digging deeper into my life, I was digging deeper into God. Because this is not my life, it’s God’s life.”


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