RealDeal Meets Real Messengers: Ezekiel and Janette

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by Fezisa Ndzululeka

Daily we wake up, breath, eat and speak…but do we really speak life, though? Life to ourselves, life to those close to us and the strangers we meet? Do we take the time to empower, bless, convict and encourage one another?

Recently I went to an event called Speak Life 5, organized by TrueSoldier. The main acts were performed by Janette (Mysterious Genetic Ikz) McGhee and Ezekiel Azonwu, performers from Passion 4 Christ Movement (P4CM).

About the event’s name, Ezekiel said: “This generation from America to South Africa, all over the world. It seem like time is progressing, technology is progressing, but the depravity of man is also developing.
Our young children are exposed to so much more. It seems like the enemy has a hand, has a greater grip in this generation than ever before. We are looking at man a dry bone situation, we looking at a Lazarus situation.
I think Speak Life is just so fitting… If we can be charged up about the word of God so much so that we see these dry bones,and have the boldness; that’s the important thing… If we can hang the dry bones. We can talk to dry bones about random stuff. But we never wanna speak life to the dry bones, we never wanna call those Lazaruses out… We know that it’s funky, we know that it smells. But we don’t want to call things up, but we don’t want to speak life!
I think that God has given us the grace to be able to go into situations and say uncomfortable (things). Hopefully all of us…are charged up to do the same thing…because we are having a christian event and there’s going to be a lot of Christians. We are more encouraged that you guys will be charged up to the same thing, in your own circles with people that don’t know and don’t believe, hopefully we’ll charged up to speak life!”

What impressed us the most is their legacy and what they aim to achieve with each performance. They want people to be imparted with the word of God – people’s eyes need to be on God. When they leave the show, they leave with the sense or need to draw nearer to God, to repent and respond to His call.

The performing pair is not encouraged by people telling them how cool or talented they are. If so, they feel they have failed at serving or as messengers of God. They hope that they are edifying the body with every piece (spoken word).
Ezekiel lives a life of a prayerful servant. Before each performance they repent and pray to God to soften hearts and ears, even when the word has been heard before, so that it becomes new and transforms lives. Speaking with regards to the motivation behind this, Janette says: “…ultimately we are showing you us, because we’ve been changed. That’s the reason why we can say what we are saying and we believe what we are saying.”

The levels of expectation for the Speak Life 5 event were escalating, after having seen the main acts. Lebogang Makhobosi, a member of a local group Exodus Klan (the poetry collective), said: “This was a spiritual awakening in a sense that my things have to be right with God no matter what! I realize that poetry is not about building my name. The purpose of poetry is to save lives.” His expectation changed from the excitement of experiencing a great show to the winning of souls.

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