Does rejection keep you back from being real?

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As a non-profit organisation, RealDeal is focused on getting real in a walk with God.

Although we do not actively serve as a ministry, we felt a special outing to the teens of Lindelani was appropriate. Some of them have already received Afrikaans books at a Stellenbosch Prayer Network event in March, while others were waiting on the translation to engage with the book as a tool on their journeys to closeness with their Saviour.

Sessions with the girls were buzzing – questions asked, prayer requests whispered and many hugs given. Sessions with the boys were challenging – addressing the realities that await them outside, facing the truth and dealing with experiences of rejection.

“Who Am I?”, a reflective spoken piece on the unreservedness of accepting the mercy of salvation was performed by Fezisa, former social media manager at RealDeal. Full time faith ministers Mario and Godwin shared their powerful testimonies, truthfully depicting lives changed by the truth from gangsterism, violence and failure to healing, inspiration and love.

Apart from the introduction of the role of Your Life – One Journey and Amazing Reis as stepping stones to growth in Christ, the  boys were also offered an opportunity to surrender their lives of new.

Fezisa described her experience as follows:

I did not expect to be taught a lesson by the Lindelani children, but they did! In one of my book presentations, I felt so rejected as boys paid no attention, had no questions. They were just blank!
Then I saw that I somehow understood how Christ might have felt. I realised that my human love is lacking. If I did love the less fortunate as I claimed to, then my love should’ve abounded more and more as they rejected me. Just like Christ’s love. My prayer is that I become more like Christ.

Listen I don’t know why those children are in there. I don’t know how they feel about being there. I don’t know where do they come from! I don’t understand, this is the time I ask…the body of Christ: “Why are you not moving?”

If you have a passion to reach out to communities such as Lindelani, please do not hesitate to visit the precious lives or brighten their days on a continual basis.

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