Work as Worship?!

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A couple of Mondays ago, RealDeal was drawn to an event themed SA: Challenges & Opportunity, featuring three speakers’ perspective on ‘Work as Worship‘.

An initiative of Cape Town-based  churches Common Ground and Jubilee, its aim is to encourage Christians to make a difference in society with by working in their occupations worshipfully. 

Using the intended purpose of God’s creation in His image, Jubilee lead pastor Steven van Rhyn explained the cycle of creation, fall, redemption and recreation as the basic pattern in which humankind finds itself.

“Connecting with God and embracing His redemptive work dignifies our work. Not only does Christ dignify our work, but He empowers our work,” he said.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille tied in with this theme by emphasising the continual battle we as humans are faced with against chaos. According to her, this is an opportunity to make love manifest as the big goal of all believers. 

“All these things are exciting opportunities to make love manifest… to overcome the entropy of our fallen nature,” Zille said.

She also emphasised the importance of loving families as a responsibility, contributing to a peaceful society challenged majorly by drug addiction, alcohol abuse and crime such as violence against children. 

Pointing to the factual reality of unemployment in the country, Zille sees employment as a great privilege. She shared her mother’s advice to her, saying: “Be proud of your job however humble it is, because it gives you purpose in life.”

Winston Mahlatse Mashua, SA director at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, brought some African perspective in through historical relevance to freedom, pointing at a lack of identity.

“We live in a city who defines people by what they do, not by who they really are,” Steve said.  

Mashua pressed the essential reference to truth when addressing freedom: 

It is also meaningless to talk about work without talking about the assumption that we bring to work, regardless of those who say they have faith but they don’t have faith… and before we become critical about that point in an assumption that we carry, we cannot have meaningful value, least of all establish a safe, public square.”

Mashua challenged the audience to “go beyond the paycheck, go beyond the corporate duty and bringing good to the city… Recognise and appreciate that you are living in the fulness of God’s commission and that you are living out more of his heart and your desire.”

So, do you view your work as worship? 

As artist Vincent van Gogh said: “Your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”
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