A Jesus Revival Generation

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Ben, founder and director of Australian-based Vocations4Life, spoke at the Emerging Leader conference in Egypt on following an Enoch life.

As The Bible tells us in Genesis 5:21-24, Enoch lived so closed to God, he was a sign and wonder to the world around him. Instead of dying, he was taken up to heaven from earth by God.

Challenging the audience of young leaders, Dr Ben said: “His holiness through what we do in our lives gives Him access to us. His grace gives us access to Him.”

He described the Jesus revival generation as bold believers unashamed to be known as Christians who are radically obedient and readily available to reignite light by being disciples.

“God is seeking to raise up a new banner in these difficult times,” he said.

Making yourself loose from the things that claim the place of Christ in your life and leading a sacrificial lifestyle by serving others are essential in becoming part of a people who are set apart to follow Jesus with great love and devotion.

“It is important what you build your life on,” Dr Ben advised, explaining it will be tested by the fire of God as the Word informs us.

Walking with God amidst challenges, pleasing God’s heart in all ways and walking by faith are three of the trademarks of the life of Enoch to be aspired to.

Hebrews 11:6 says it is impossible to please God without faith.

Love towards God and others is a very important quality in the lives of Christ followers to demonstrate and become a powerful witness of His love. Walking in this love as a body of Christ will become a sign and a wonder to the world, as Enoch’s life was.

The revolution is one that starts in the heart with integrity, practising the fruit of the spirit, overcoming sin, casting out demons and excercising power and authority over evil. Praying in the spirit, knowing God’s heart and living accordingly, praying for the sick to be healed, witnessing signs and wonders, receiving words of knowledge and understanding, as well as being able to do the works of Jesus are all part of moving as a revival generation.

“Jesus calls us to engage in what He is already doing, Ben said.

“Once upon a time I was just like you and I made sure I placed the call of God first in my life.”


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