Real role model: Julian Goldswain

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by Fezisa Ndzululeka & Nanine Steenkamp

Accomplished Cape Town-based photographer Julian Goldswain spoke to RealDeal about his way of glorifying God through his snaps and how his journey of truth unfolded.

Following photography passionately from early childhood, Julian has since been commissioned by big corporates such as Google and Vodacom.

His search for God began when the question of existence started puzzling him as a little boy: “I always thought there must be a bigger purpose,” he told RealDeal.

Finally, as a young teenager, he gave his life to God. “I do have an amazing relationship with an amazing God called Jesus,” he said confidently.

Lecturing at various institutions around Cape Town, such as Vega, as well as capturing scenes to tell the real story are ways in which he likes to give back.

“There have been a lot of people who have shared their skills and their passion with me and for me to give back is just to be as open-handed as other people have been with me,” he explained.

His big passion is social documentary, particularly combatting social injustices by photographing people in remote areas by portraying their true circumstances of poverty and illness.

“That is something that I like to get involved in which then really makes a difference and not just put money in my pocket. It is really something that means a lot more than just working for pay as such,” he said.

Having overcome schizophrenia, he believes the dreams in one’s heart has to be pursued despite circumstances or other obstacles.

“I actually thought God has saved me for something so much bigger. That is where I really find my purpose in knowing Him and where I find my hopes in what He sees for me.

“God puts a passion in your heart, just follow it.”

Perseverence and obedience are key to being successful and staying faithful to God and the gifts He has invested in each, Julian believes.

“Our part is to be faithful with that gift and to work hard at it and to do things to the best of our abilities.

“Obedience is probably an essential part of serving Him.”

He summarises his passion for photography as “a gift that God has given me, and a skill”.

“I express that passion for Him, through how I handle the camera and the kind of images that I capture express some kind of wonder at beauty and the light around me which Jesus ultimately created.”

With many plans in the pipeline from solo exhibitions to working with big camera brands and his own training school, Julian is a true role model of pursuing his passion to the glory of God.


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