RealDeal goes to Egypt!

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Your Life – One Journey has attended the Emerging Leaders conference in Wadi El Natrun, Egypt, for connecting with Egyptians teens to invite them to become part of the book’s Arabic adaptation.

Led by Beit Agape ministry founder Magdy Saber, the translation project aims to make the discipleship book available to teenagers in Egypt and beyond in their mother tongue, Arabic.

Due to RealDeal’s translation strategy, every new book is adapted to its audience by paying attention to the language use for the specific age group, relevant examples on their level, inspiring testimonies close to their context so that the truth’s meaning in their immediate reality can be clear.

Nanine, RealDeal editor-in-chief, explained the use of the book for spiritual growth during an introduction session on the second day of the conference, 1 September.

Willing volunteers were invited to come and sign up for their free copy of the first half of the Arabic translation at the commitment of responding with feedback on the book. Just under 35 candidates submitted their names for returning comments on the book.

Those who will complete reading of the first seven chapters and submit their thoughts and experience of it, will be able to receive the second half of the book.

Though the translation of the language is of top quality standard, the feedback from the youth’s side will determine how the text will be attuned to suit their level of understanding and relating for enhanced efficiency.

Conference speakers from Australia shared their knowledge and tips on growing as a godly leader, maintaining the right vision, as well as discipling others.

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