Book Review: Citizen by Rob Peabody

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Who are you? Will you still be that person when you move to another town, city, country?

Rob Peabody was a young American pastor when he felt the call to forsake his church in Texas, embarking on a journey to the United Kingdom (UK).

He soon realised his identity as a Christian was very much seated in his culture, awakening him to the reality of conformity and religion, as opposed to Jesus.

Citizen opens up themes like inclusion, choices and being an ambassador for Christ by following in the footsteps of Jesus, rather than being great in church.

Rob concludes his chapter on choices as follows: “The true beauty comes when you find yourself in the middle of your daily activities…simultaneously listening to the Spirit and taking cues from above. It is in this dance with God between citizen and Spirit that the real joy is found…where you begin to let go, and He begins to lead.”

The author, also the co-founder and director of London-based Awaken Movement, gets real about the ways we overlook the reality of the example Jesus set with His life on earth by adjusting it to fit our lifestyles. Often societies of believers create a comfort zone around their identity in Him when we should be stepping out in faith where there is vision, stand in faith for provision.

He highlights the danger of misrepresenting Christ to the world in such a way, that it blinds people to His sovereign power. Quoting missionary Stanley Jones, he writes: “We inoculate the world with a mild form of Christianity so that it will be immune to the real thing.”

The book also explains meaningfulness of relationships with fellow believers, living as a ‘full time Christian’ and the risks to face with obedience in faith. Instead of following human structures to belong in a community, these principles rests on building the alternative (heavenly) kingdom.

“Christianity is not simply a set of beliefs to adhere to in order to save up your individual soul and escape the world at death or rapture, but it is actually a new way of seeing (and experiencing) the world,” Rob writes.

The book is filled with scripture references, substantial quotes from well-known figures such as C.S. Lewis and above all, a spirit-filled, heart revelation with the potential to ignite the freedom of truth in any believer’s open heart.

Citizen is greatly recommendation for any Christian who wants to be real about living in faith as opposed to seeking a convenient solution for being a ‘good’ person.

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