RealDeal goes to Rooi Els

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RealDeal has spent the past three days in the delightful presence of its volunteer team 2015 at a beach house in Rooi Els.

Amazing Reis is undergoing an adaptation upgrade for a release aimed at communities facing issues such as abuse, violence and gangsterism.

Volunteers Theresa, Conz, Jeffrey and mentors Desiree and Charmaine have been working hard to work through the content of the latest Afrikaans release. On this adaptation project, they serve as representatives from areas such as Elsies River, Groenheuwel, as well as Wellington and Paarl farm communities.

As part of RealDeal’s method to fine tune the material to its audience’s level, the teenagers provide feedback with regards to vocabulary, examples and testimonies.

Their inputs with regards to cultural difference and circumstancial aspects will enhance the content to be more relevant to audiences in similar demographic areas.

A special meeting of the first RealDeal team (Amazing Reis 2012/3) took place on 7 April, Wednesday evening, when Ine, Pierre and Simoné came to visit for a braai.

The project for an adaptation has been running since 2013, when community members from Cloetesville and Idas Valley gave their first inputs. Since then, RealDeal has been working to change the structure and themes accordingly.

The organisation has also received input from ministry laborers who are familiar with the general challenges faced by this significant demographic group in South Africa.

Currently working on editing, graphic design and book cover ideas, RealDeal aims to release Die Ultimate Reis* (The Ultimate Journey) at the end of June.

*Provisional title subject to change.

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