Faithspirational poetry: Youth Day

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The Uprising

by Fezisa Ndzululeka


There was an uproar, an uproot and disrupt,

when pupils as old as I am took a stand

for what they believed in.


When students younger than me soldiered on

and fought for their birth right.

When the students died passionately for

a brighter future.


Now it is our time, our fight.

Our fight is not against an enforced language,

but against the forces of the principalities of

darkness that has overwhelmed and is over

taking the youth.


Our fight is not against the white man, but against

the black man’s mental confinement, brainwashing

and the depravity of necessities.


Our fight is not against the recognition and the realization

of a black man’s humanity but the recognition and

the realization of a black man’s presence and providence

in his child’s life!


Our fight is not for the governmental reign, but for the people

to realize that they are they are the government and

are responsible to bring the resources to themselves!


Our fight is not for the preservation of our language,

but the preservation of Ubuntu bethu, the conservation

of socializing with another other not within the

imprisonment of social media.


Our fight is not with the liberation the innocent comrades,

but the deliverance of our young people from being arrested

by alcohol, crime, gangsterism and teenage pregnancy.


Our grief is not because a soldier’s body is missing, but

because of the misuse of this body, of this church,

of God’s temple, of these mighty women, men of God.


The youth of June 16, 1976, fought their fight and won it.

It is now our time to rebel and resist as we fight in this good

fight of faith!


It is now our time to move as the body of Christ and

provide a home, love and care for our children.

It is past the time that the church is confined within

these four walls


Arise oh young person and take your position!


Fezisa Ndzululeka has a big love for children and a mother’s heart for the nation. She is also RealDeal volunteer(2014). Want to know more? Read our interview with her as a role model.

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