Book Review: iDentitY?

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Who am I? What is my life supposed to be about? Which people am I to trust? 

These are all very real questions anyone has to ask at some point in life – the sooner the better!

In her book Identity, motivational speaker and founder of Cherish woman’s conference Charlotte Gambill shares her own views and strategies when it comes to being authentically you.

Driven by the idea to lose your “stabilisers”, the book guides the readers thoughts along some important points to consider on the journey to the ‘real you’.

Starting out with the necessity of diverse characters and personalities in the church community itself, Charlotte explains why changing yourself to fit a mould is wrong.

The author uses examples from her own life to get real about what she struggled about during her journey to finding her true identity.

Especially for females, the issues of emotions, expecting to be appreciated and desiring to fill a special role no one else can fill are touched upon.

Furthermore, the aspects of long term friends, relationships within seasons and its values as contributing to one’s personal life story is discussed in a clarifying way as to see matters for what they are.

Though not especially aimed at youth, Identity gives an honest, faith-focused account of a what the mother of two and lead pastor of LIFE Church in UK, deems the main aspects of stepping into the you who can make a difference with your life.

Charlotte visited Cape Town, South Africa, in April. She spoke about standing in God’s promises through different stages of life seasons at the Hillsong Colour Conference.

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