RealDeal enters USA

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In early August RealDeal had the privilege to work with volunteers from Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, Orange Country (CA).

The workshop week was spent gathering feedback for an edition suitable for the United States audience.

Save the World Foundation (STWF) introduced RealDeal to the Americans in February this year. Members from the Influence Church came to Johannesburg, South Africa, on a missions trip.

Facilitated by Andrew Medina, youth pastor at Influence Church, a group of six teenagers gave up a week of summer holiday to workshop.

On the necessity of the material for the youth, Andrew said: “It is a struggle for most teenagers to be real about their faith.”

Aidan, Ike, Jenna, Nick, Robert and Ryan worked through both Your Ultimate Journey and Your Life – One Journey. Feedback consisted mainly of evaluation with regards to culture, vocabulary, analogies and testimonies for heightened relevance.

Natalie DeAngelo, Influence Church youth ministries director, serves as co-editor on the project, while inputs from other associates on imagery and other elements will be considered for the publication in progress.

The book is likely to relate chiefly to the average California teenager. Not necessarily as associable to those from other states, RDT is open to do further adaptations following the first release of the series in North America.

Together with the group, RealDeal also had the privilege of attending the Jesus Culture conference in Long Beach, as well as assisting with counseling at Hume Lake Christian Camps.

With prophecies of revival reaching the states by March, next year, the need for availability of relevant material for converts deems urgent.

Pre-orders are now open:

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