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Ever felt like your quiet time with God is a tinge awkward, dead or distracted? Steve Ryan Carter  has some very helpful tips on how to have a purposeful quiet time with God.

“If you move at too fast a pace, you are unaware of your interior,” said Steve. “The more open, raw, vulnerable and ‘slow down’ you go in your relationship, the more fruit will be visible on the outside.”

The pastor from Willowcreek led the audience through the steps of sharing your heart with God.

1. Egypt: Think about times where you felt oppressed during the past day.

2. Sinai: Reflect on the times where you felt God met you at.

3.  Jerusalem: Here the focus is on responsibility and power.  Ponder on how you have fared in stepping out in the authority you have in Christ. Also evaluate your level of responsibility.

4. Babylon: This where your identity’s shaped. It entails struggling through a simple ‘Christianese’ statement and the experience of reality which may challenge this generally known ‘truth’. The Simple – Complex – Sacred pattern is often followed. For example, “Everything works for the good for those who love Him” becomes a questioned statement when you go through something difficult. However, when you experience the depth of His love amidst that, also sparking growth, it becomes solid truth.

Steve recommends to then communicate your perceived obstacles to God, such as fear and pain, called the “tomb” stage.  The “resurrection” phase follows, geared towards being open on what God wants for you – His vision and expectations for the day to come.

“I’ve discovered how accessible He is. More than words and thoughts and feelings. He’s there when you really feel nowhere. Especially when you lose the ‘where’ and find Him right there where you’re at,” the word-passionate teacher said.

The speaker for Hume Lake Christian Camp’s 10th week near Fresno, California (USA), is also an evangelist and currently working on his first book.

Steve spoke daily in chapel on subjects such as stepping out in faith, reclaiming evangelism, faithfulness against the flesh, fear, expectations, the aspects of feeling-thinking-doing and being open about sin.


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