Book Review: The Reason by Lacey Sturm

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Former Flyleaf lead singer Lacey Sturm reveals her roots and the route it took to bring her to the realisation of ‘a life worth living’.

Growing up as the pre-mature born daughter of a teenage mother, Lacey’s introduction to life had been a rough ride.

The ‘rock princess’ guides the reader through her journey or revelations of love, purpose, screaming, compassion and fathership.

She gives a brutally honest account of her struggles and how it shaped her thought world to the point where she was inspired to reach back to those among she once was with her talents.

From an atheist, rebellious and suicidal school kid, her encounter with God turned her life around to be an understanding role model with a heart for her Creator’s masterpiece creations.

On one account, a broken-hearted Lacey reflects on the loss of her first love due to her boyfriend’s cheating on her with a girl named Alicia:”Maybe Alicia was flippant about love the way that I was flippant about love because love was didn’t care about her. But the truth is, a true and perfect love does exist. It is the kind of love that shows grace, that seeks the truth even when truth is not popular. I believe every person is created with passion.”

A worthwhile read for anyone who tries to make sense of God’s love amidst a life filled with death and sad circumstances.

You cannot help reflecting anew on what it means to live a life of purpose and how your background can aid in accomplishing your calling with great understanding of the real need.

Now a wife and mother of two boys, Lacey concludes her biographic read by saying, “When we give God our lives, we become our truest selves, and we are able to find our greatest purpose and fulfill our highest callings. It’s only in God that our humanity’s restless soul can be satisfied, because humanity was made by God to be His bride. He is the great love of our lives. He is our true love. He is all we are ever searching for.”

Curious about the author’s story? Watch Lacey’s testimony.

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