Your Ultimate Journey—US Edition arrives

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RealDeal Series’ first international title outside of Africa is now available.

Following the volunteer feedback trip of July/August 2015 to Anaheim, California, RealDeal Series’s new add is geared to be more relatable for American teens.

Sporting a fresh look in blood red and blue, this book primarily contains photographs rather than stock images for a more real visual upgrade.

What stood out to the team during the compilation of this edition is the theme of God’s love and truth as providing purpose. Through this true healing and freedom can be found in a relationship with Christ despite the world’s chase  for fulfillment or the scars caused by such attempts.

As usual, fresh testimonies are included. Apart from the resource’s increased interactive character with, for example, topics such as regrets, the book also tackles the question of the spiritual realm and the role of the trinity.

While the shipment is still on its way to Orange, anyone interested to order directly from RealDeal is welcome to do so through our website.

Save the World Foundation will be using the donation of books to equip individuals reached through Bible Clubs and outreaches in their evangelisation work in the States.

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