SCOF launches social development program in Drakenstein schools

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RealDeal had the privilege of meeting three exceptional men last week who are out to uplift their community in the area of Drakenstein, Western Cape.

Francois, Ulrich and Aubrey are all giving their time and effort to see people have access to the proper foundations often lacking in communities with challenging circumstances.

Having recently established the Sporting Community Outreach Foundation (SCOF), they aim to reach schools with a collective program teaching values through sports. They will also give spiritual input to young lives as part of further events, collaborations and educational and awareness initiatives to uplift especially disadvantages communities.

Founding member Francois has a background as a municipality official. He saw the need to address the social ills at stake for those who aren’t equipped to follow an alternative way. It is his desire to ‘walk blind’ by faith to be guided beyond what he can see.

Concerned by gangsterism activities in neighbourhoods such as Chicago, SCOF feels children should be taught from a young age what is of value and be equipped to deal with challenges and opportunities to go in the direction heading towards destruction.

Partner Ulrich has wide ministry experience as part of Networking for Christ, as well as on his own assignments of outreach. Having a heart for those living on the streets and spending time to disciple prisoners, he loves making people laugh. Ulrich will be assisting Francois with the spiritual leg of the SCOF program.

Walking in faith since he felt led to leave his job about a decade ago to serve full time, Aubrey gained his experience as guided by his relationship with God. He also has a big heart for children to grow spiritually. He has initiated various community projects, including proper study areas for underprivileged schools and is also working with the VCSV. Pastor Aubrey will play a reading role in the counseling stream in the program.

According to their standards, each school endorsing the municipality-approved program will receive the man power of 12 volunteers, a pastor and a counselor. Mainly engaging with learners through sport activities, they aim to impact young lives for the better for the transformation of communities.

The team will be using the Jou Ultimate Reis  and Your Ultimate Journey books as part of the tools to help youth to make choice pertaining their destiny and take ownership.

Having farm schools and Overberg area on the agenda to reach next, the men are busy to streamline the organisation for further growth.

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