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Welcome to the RealDeal blog! This space will keep you informed on what’s happening on the real side!

In addition, it is also a platform where we capture and reflect upon our progressive journey of releasing the discipleship material, as well as engage with the community.

The first edition of the Amazing Reis (the original Afrikaans version) was published at end of 2013, and officially launched in January 2014.

Today we proudly announce the launch of Amazing Reis 2014 -the upgraded edition with images and enhanced content for a better reader experience.

The aim of these editions is to equip Christians from all walks of life to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Currently we are also in the process of translating and editing the English version -yay!

On this journey we have learnt and have come to appreciate how diverse cultures and ages have different challenges. We are therefore also looking at the possibility of developing editions that are more culture-friendly and suited for younger ages.

Please join us in prayer and feel free give us your feedback, which would help us in reaching as many lives as possible for miraculous transformations!

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