Afrika Mhlope assists with new book

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Eastern Cape based author Afrika Mhlophe has agreed to work with RealDeal Trust (RDT) on the next edition in the series to add his insight of cultural perspective on discipleship.

Draft titled Your New Life Journey, the title aimed for release in September will cater for the crowd from an African Traditional Religion (ATR) background.

As part of the adaptation process, RDT focuses on relevant issues for the target community aimed to be reached through a particular edition.

Language, graphics, cultural background as well as circumstancial reality are all taken into consideration with the development of the text to ensure relatability for the reader.

While the Word is true to all, our understanding of its power can often be limited because of our experience as humans on a broken planet.

Known for his strong Word-based literature, Afrika is helping to shape the discipleship book to address all the relevant challenges potentially an obstacle for spiritual growth.

Readers can look forward to fresh content on the subject such as cultural mindsets and dealing with community expectations.

An elder at his local church in Port Elizabeth, Afrika is also a speaker and is currently working on his third book.

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