Book Review: She is Mine by Stephanie Fast

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Representing the story of more than eight million orphans worldwide, Stephanie Fast wrote this book based on her own life story.

Born as an illegitimate child to a Korean mother after the second World War, Stephanie was left abandoned on a train at the estimated age of four. Telling her story of survival and struggle on the streets, she presents hope to many a child with a similar history.

The relation of personal trauma, abuse, disappointment and wanderings hold a promise of freedom through forgiveness and acceptance amidst a tragic life start.

Central to the meaning of the story is a Father heart who adopts every living being as His child, waiting for him or her to be open for His love to become the child’s reality. The title, She is Mine, captures the words spoken to a Swiss nurse who rescued her from a garbage heap.

What stands out from this read is the recurring reminder of the importance to choose life despite harrowing episodes of rejection and violence.

Stephanie’s boldness about her vulnerable start in life gives others something to look forward to: healing and the belief of a purpose and a Hand that is present and just as real, if not more, than degrading circumstances and a cruel world.

Today the author has an established organisation helping millions of orphans worldwide.

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