Your New Life Journey serves African crowd in SA

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The latest addition to RealDeal Series is now available!

Following cultural adaptations, Jou Ultimate Reis and translation Your Ultimate Journey (Draft Edition)*, Your New Life Journey focuses on a relevant discipleship guide for those with an African cultural background.

This book takes into regard realities such as African Tradition Religion (ATR), duality in serving both culture/religion and following Jesus and circumstances which might make trusting our loving God difficult.

A project of approximately two and a half years, RealDeal has produced an initial offering with the help of community volunteers in giving feedback on its previous editions, Your Life-One Journey (2014)  and Your Ultimate Journey (2015).

As part of research, author Afrika Mhlophe’s books Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestorsand Freed by God but Imprisoned by Culture have served as a base from which to address daily obstacles to true freedom in walking with Jesus.

RealDeal is also greatly thankful for the contributions from leaders and contacts who know the struggles of community members well. A special thanks also to Jarrod and Lucinda Davidoff from partner evangelistic organisation Save the World Foundation, who welcomed our spending time with their team to acquire insight into the reality of becoming Christian amidst ancestral practices.

*To be made official once sufficient feedback is received from English communities struggling with violence, abuse and fatherlessness.

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