RealDeal goes to prison

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The next edition to be added to the series seems to be one focusing on the community behind bars…

Recently partnered with Hope Prison Ministry, RDT is now in the process of gathering feedback from Jou Ultimate Reis, Your Ultimate Journey and Your New Life Journey being used in Western Cape prisons,

Observation sessions in Hawequa and Drakenstein during a 14 week programme where the 12 most prevalent topics in the above-mentioned resources are being presented as ‘lessons’ to inmates have recently commenced.

Furthermore Restorative Justice and Bible Study sessions in jails such as Worcester Correctional Centre and Pollsmoor are being attended to gain insight on the level of engagement.

Through learning from the responses of inmates and the challenges that volunteer workers, chaplains and course facilitators face in their interactions, RDT will aim to shape a relevant tool for efficient discipleship of convicts.

“This [project] is an answer to a personal prayer,” Raymond Gruhn, discipleship facilitator at Hope Prison Ministry, has told RDT.

RDT is also engaging in conversation of agents from The Message, Valley of Abundance, Alpha, Bybel-Media, Sarepta, Touching Hearts and other ministries and individuals who serve jails to ensure that no duplication will be embarked upon with the edition to follow – as far possible.

Anyone who would like to give feedback or share their testimonies are welcome to send an email to

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