RealDeal embarks on training sessions

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As the community awaits the first publications in the training line for the use of RealDeal titles by leaders, sporadic training sessions may aid in equipping guided discipleship journeys.

The need for facilitator or leadership guides have been noted for a while. A booklet for each of the local titles (Amazing Reis, Your Life-One Journey, Jou Ultimate Reis, Your Ultimate Journey &Your New Life Journey) is definitely in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, RealDeal has been approached by evangelist Edward Ackerman from Lightlife ministries, who runs a crusade in seven South African communities per year as led by the Sprit.

As part of his mission to reach the town with the Gospel, he gathers the pastors of the various churches to assure all those who makes a decision for Christ during the event are followed up for discipleship.

The training session with the leaders from Atlantis gathered on Sunday, 9 April, to receive guidelines for the approach of discipling a young or recommitting believer.

Pointers by chapter have also been shared to ensure leaders are sensitive to the deeper issues to be potentially overcome in the disciple’s live, to be dealt with per topic as structured in the material.

“[The book] has been written simply and well explained [in training] so that we can also guide [those we disciple] easily,” an attendee pastor commented after the training session.

RealDeal Trust founding member Zaldeus Steenkamp encouraged every leader to get a copy of the book for their individual(s) so that it can be a personal journey to every disciple.

Edward affirmed his belief in the importance of follow up and discipleship after a decision to receive Christ.

A podcast of the recorded guidance session is available on SoundCloud.

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