Book Review: Contagious Disciple making

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In this hands on publication, father and son David L. Watson and Paul D.Watson approach the topic of discipleship based on their personal experience as guided by the Word of God and the promptings from the Spirit.

Coming from a corporate background, Paul moved out in the field as an act of obedience, a calling on his life to assist where his father, vice president of community organisation Cityteam.

This practical manual to guide any person interested in discipleship shares Watson partners’ insight gained proven through results through ministry starting out in India.

Dividing their compact and accessible chapters into sections of mindset and practices, it shifts the reader’s understanding from result focus to equipment for organic growth.

Aspects of deculturalisation, community structure and obedience are clearly explained as key elements moving away from religious programmes and convert counts.

“Faith is defined as the continued act of choosing to be obedient to God’s Word regardless of what it may cost, even our lives,” the Watsons write in their chapter on realising the fragility of religious experience towards negative influence.

Furthermore, it gives advice to any leader on basic lessons from failure, conflict management and relationship building beyond the self.

“We realised that mere knowledge transfer wasn’t enough to sustain a movement … you must invest of the capacity of leaders … you must mentor,” the book concludes.

In essence, this must read for every shepherd or pastor in ministry prepares the individual and its influencees for a discipleship making movement.

Imparting as mortal humans powerfully used in the Father’s hand, these men share highs, such as becoming soul millionaires (measured multiplication of Christ followers) and lows such as tracing the root of the deviant team member’s mistakes as blessings and lessons from a difference-making lifestyle to serve.

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