Book Review: Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger

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Jackie wondered about the practicality of faith long before she actually had an encounter with Jesus, became passionate about a relationship with Him. But once she discovered the greatest adventure a human can have, she was eager to surrender her life to the call.

Not getting any clear guidance or support from any evangelical institutions at the time, she decided to buy a boat ticket to Hong Kong to find out how she could serve the people from the Walled City – infested with rats, sewerage, prostitutes, gangsters and drugs.

At first, her heart of love towards them seemed unappreciated, fruitless. The words, ‘Jesus loves you’ felt meaningless within their context. But with perseverance she built relationship. With obedience she kept learning from others and walking in the Spirit. By just doing that which she could with what she had without giving up, the Spirit Himself started transforming peoples’ lives.

Avoiding any ‘super spiritual’ expression, Jackie tells her story with authenticity: the uncertainty, the frustrations, capturing thoughts from before she herself became more mature in walking with the Lord, and serving others with His unconditional love.

Through her availability, the Lord empowered her to not only lead several infamously dangerous criminals to His freedom, but also to establish the house(s) of Stephen that helped many to overcome their heroine drug addictions painlessly by praying through all their withdrawal symptoms towards healing.

“We will probably unnamed for we care not to extend our work but His Kingdom,” Jackie wrote in a revised edition of the recollections. “There are many more adventures to be had … battles to be fought. It would be such fun to be in them rather than read them. Go! Write your own books. Go!”

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