LightLife to further discipleship in schools

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RealDeal has partnered with LightLife Evangelistic Ministries to further their work in schools for growth post outreach.


LightLife targets both high and primary schools in communities plagued by violence and gangsterism to bring the Good News.


The Your Ultimate Journey and Jou Ultimate Reis books are found to be particularly useful as Bible-based, community relevant discipleship for the newly formed journey groups of new or re-commiting converts who made a decision during a crusade.


As part of their community approach, Edward makes effort to gather all the Christian leaders before a crusade in the town.


RealDeal also offers free training for community discipleship leaders with the Your Ultimate Journey Walking Together Guide & Jou Ultimate Reis Padstap-gids, offering an introduction to use the book as a discipleship programme.


As a community organisation, we believe in the power of the Word and the strengthening of collaboration between evangelistic and discipleship ministries for sustainable growth investment.

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