Book review: Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors

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A matured voice, rising from a heart full of questions amidst experiencing pain, loss and lack of answers give way to a platform for vulnerability.

The sequel to Kisses from Katie takes the reader through hard scenes of suffering with a beautifully gentle truth as a silver lining. Katie shares her hardship of human frailty, followed up time an again with the deep revelation of God’s love and sovereignity.

Now a married lady and the mother of her first biological child, Katie continues on her calling to look after the destitute, poor and weak.

She shares the incidents that personally tugged at her heart, describes the characters in the scenes with grace and spills some Holy Spirit wisdom along the way.

If you are also asking “Why?” in response to witnessing suffering in the world, if you seek God’s perspective with all your heart – do read this.

The bravery and humility of this collection is bound to make compassion flow and perspective grow.

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