Book review: Designed to Be by Riana Goosen

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Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? Is some difficulty causing you to question if your big dreams are just fantasies?

Writing from her personal journey with God, Riana shares Scripture-based mindsets about discovering, stepping out and thriving in what the unique design of your selfhood contains.

The interactive element, integrated throughout the book, makes it a practical tool to either recap when you feel stuck, move forward when you don’t know what to think or renew your mind.

The examples from her life and others that has crossed her path add a sense of community to the reading experience. It enables the reader to see the bigger picture of life stories bringing God glory through any circumstance.

Among other aspects, Designed to Be addresses breaking free from past issues, finding the purpose in your talents and personality and filling out your own roadmap to growing in your gifts.

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