Your New Life Journey


With perspective on African traditional religion (ATR), the spiritual realm, poverty and culture.

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With perspective on African traditional religion (ATR), the spiritual realm, poverty and community.

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4 reviews for Your New Life Journey

  1. Christelle Frick

    “I want to thank you and the RealDeal ministries for taking care of my ministry in such a way that you have given me a tool to reach the needs and mind of our teenagers in the time like this. It may happen that you will think less of how many souls that will be delivered by using this book to give useful thoughts to our young people. I commit myself to use this book for the benefit of young people and for the benefit of our Lord Jesus Christ. For now as a soul winner I nomarly reach many youth souls when they identify the danger they are facing without Christ. This book will be of greater help to make them grow in knowing God better.” – Pastor KK Mgolombane, EC

  2. Christelle Frick

    “In this book, you will find lessons and testimonies that will give you the tools to form the right picture concerning your identity. It is my hope that the book you are holding will challenge you to stop experimenting and start searching through the Bible what God says about you. Enjoy this gift and please make a point of sharing it also with others.” –Afrika Mhlophe, author of Freed by God but Imprisoned by Culture and Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestors

  3. Nanine Steenkamp

    So beautiful; full of scriptural illustrations with illustrative pictures. I am convinced it is a very useful tool for discipleship that can bring transformation in the lives of people. The teachings and the quizzes following the testimonies are real treasures for growing spiritually. The testimony of Mpho Thulo, among others, reveal the truth: no one remains in darkness as long as God exists. God will always intervene at the right time with the light of life. We greatly appreciate the service of REALDEAL for bringing more people into the Kingdom and we wish you all well. May God bless the donor who afforded us this tool for shaping the lives of millions of people living under bondage. – Okello Daniel, Passion Aid Foundation Africa

  4. Nanine Steenkamp

    “The book is very good. We have guys who have really grown spiritually ever since we started doing it. Guys are open now, feeling free just to share with the group about their lives.” – Simphiwe Raqase, African Enterprise (Du Noon, South Africa)

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