Book Review: She is Mine by Stephanie Fast

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Representing the story of more than eight million orphans worldwide, Stephanie Fast wrote this book based on her own life story. Born as an illegitimate child to a Korean mother after the second World War, Stephanie was left abandoned on … Continued

RealDeal team grows

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RealDeal has recently been blessed with a few additions to their team. Local prayer group leader, Dewald Gouws is of administrative assistance to RealDeal. Currently residing in James Town, he has a heart for communities of the like. Serving in … Continued

Afrika Mhlope assists with new book

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Eastern Cape based author Afrika Mhlophe has agreed to work with RealDeal Trust (RDT) on the next edition in the series to add his insight of cultural perspective on discipleship. Draft titled Your New Life Journey, the title aimed for release in … Continued

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