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RealDeal Trust is driven by a vision of community upliftment, to empower the unemployed, feed the hungry, provide accessible trauma support services and equip youth mentors through collaboration with corporate establishments, non-profit organisations and community-based leaders.

RealDeal was initially established for the development and distribution of community-relevant mentorship tools for vulnerable youth. Recognising the need for accessible community relevant resources, we developed a series to equip mentors. Informed by the experience and insight of community representatives, these tools equip mentors to guide youth faced with difficult realities such as violence, abuse, crime and addiction. The series of books, short films and app-based content provides a platform of Bible-based truth, real life stories and interactive exercises.

Over time, the use of these mentorship tools spread across diverse communities in South Africa and other African countries. Through collaborative relationship building, the awareness of wide-spread socio-economic challenges and its imposed vulnerability sparked a need for greater intervention.


Afrika Mhlophe is an esteemed author and international speaker. He’s known for his uncompromising commitment to truth and promoting values of ethical business beyond cultural norms. His sharp comprension of cultural complexities provides guidance for cultivating efficient mentorship

Kerusha George is a qualified attorney. She is well-experienced in strategic reporting and risk management, in addition to an array of financial law expertise. Kerusha is passionate about assisting communities. Her involvement in many sustainable development programmes include providing assistance to orphans, abused women, children and skills development programmes for the unemployed.

Johan Duraan is a financial business developer, life and business coach. He is also the founder of NPC Communities of Abundance (CoA), the brainchild of a compassionate concern following the Marikana mine massacre (2012). Showing commitment to contribute to bridging the nation's inequality gap, he founded Valley of Abundance (now known as CoA), awarded by the Chamber of Commerce for community upliftment.

Nanine Steenkamp has more than a decade of multimedia experience in corporate and non-profit sectors. She is a qualified content creator and project manager with a heart for community restoration. Nanine has been involved since the conception of RealDeal as a community initiative to support mentors with community relevant mentorship tools.

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Trust number IT618/2020