What we do

As a public benefit organisation (PBO), RealDeal facilitates collaboration efforts between organisations aiding the vulnerable. We have identified the food vulnerable, unemployed, traumatised and those in need of mentorship as our key beneficiary groups for empowerment.

Through strategic workshops, we aim to empower other non-profits for scaling, increased efficiency and the overcoming of mutual challenges to reach beneficiaries on a more sustainable level with co-ordinated efforts.

On a selective basis, we provide high level strategic overview sessions to executive leadership teams. By the means of consultation and assessment, we avail guidance for systems, financial planning, business approach and collaboration.

RealDeal is privileged to work with consultants from the following organisations, assisting with business plan drafting and governance:

Community Upliftment Model


Community organisations invested in sustainable upliftment in nutrition, job creation trauma support & mentorship


Train, Connect and Support


Sustained resilience and development

B-BBBEE Level 1 | PBO Registration: 930070262
Trust number IT618/2020